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AlKass television channel is Associate in Nursing knowledgeable channel that exchanges the Gulf and universal categories and competitions. Its principle program is breaking down and talking concerning diversions specifically with observers and examiners. it’s given by Khalid Jassim, a games investigator and has, as an example, Khalil Zayani, Hamoud ruler, Saleh Al Daoud, Al Anbari and totally different stars. Begun on April twenty eight, 2006 and was the second Qatari games divert in Qatar once Al Jazeera Sports and got varied watchers for its uncommon inclusion of Qatari game, significantly soccer. The 2006 Asian Games were in addition communicated in port, Games Gulf and Arab teams once all is alleged in done and also the development of an oversized range of them tourney qualifiers and also the Asian Cup and Cup competitions Alkhalijoha of the foremost documented directs within the Arabian Gulf.