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POP TV is that the leader TV slot of the business interactive media organization professional and d.o.o. in Republic of Slovenia (PRO and represents Production PLUS). Star and may be a piece of CME (possessed by Time Warner). POP TV has the foremost noteworthy evaluations in Republic of Slovenia, as calculable by the AGB Nielsen Media analysis in 2013. it’s gotten a couple of Reader’s Digest’s trustworthy complete grants. POP TV has gotten over thirty-nine Victors, Slovene grants for media accomplishments and accomplishments in popular culture. At the universal celebration professional gamma hydrogenate, a celebration for promoters and sponsors in electronic media, POP TV has gotten 5 honors for its special accomplishments. It won 2 in Athens in April 2005: Gold award within the category Best News Promo for the restricted time spot for the show Prevention! (“Affirmed!”) and gold decoration within the classification ne’er Broadcast Promo for the promotion for the film Minority Report. At the world celebration in 2002, the channel picked up a gold award within the classification Best Drama Promo for the special spot for the arrangement Profile, in 2001 a silver decoration within the category Best Quiz Promo for the promotion for the check show Lepo je biti mogul (“Who desires to Be a Millionaire”) and in 2000 a gold decoration for the most effective restricted time spot for the film within the Line of fireside. For the fifth year in succession POP TV was granted with the trustworthy complete title (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) among TV stations, because the most dependable and distinguished complete among purchasers. Fly IN may be a section concentrating on news from the universe of diversion and popular culture. It affect redness from Mon to weekday and is around 5 minutes long. On Sundays, the portion is 10– quarter-hour long. it had been given in 1996. Vizita may be a meditative section that is running from 1995. it’s a 5 moment long narrative/information fragment regarding well being and prescription. it’s publicized every weekday. Television Club (“TV Club”) was a discussion section. It publicized every Sunday from 2003 ahead and unbroken going from ten to fifteen minutes. The hosts were Špela Šipek and different twenty four hours program me has. it had been supplanted by twenty four hours Focus within the begin of 2016. 24 hours Inspector may be a portion, expedited by indistinguishable host from the principle programmed twenty four hours that day, and keeps going from five to ten minutes. It affect redness week by week every weekday. it’s a region concentrating on analytical news-casting. it had been given within the late spring of 2015. 24 hours Focus may be a portion concentrating on analytical news coverage, that supplanted TV Club within the begin of 2016. The host of the show is admire the host of twenty four hours that day. It affect redness week when week every Sunday and keeps going from ten to twelve minutes. 24UR popoldne was given in 2008. it’s a 15– twenty minute long evening programmed that unexpectedness somewhere within the vary of four.45pm and 5:15pm on weekdays. 24 hours was given in 2007. it’s a 15– twenty minute long nightly programmed that pretense somewhere within the vary of ten pm and eleven pm on weekdays. As of now, the show is expedited by monetary unit Jonas Salk from Mon to weekday.